Bridge Fallen dancer

Yzaura Vanegas is a certified Yoga Alliance Instructor who received her training from CorePower Yoga in Los Angeles. With a background in dancing and acting, Yzaura started taking yoga classes as a means to get fit. While in classes, she started to feel more centered and connected with her body than ever before. Hungry to learn more, Yzaura jumped into the teacher training program to better her practice. After completing her training program Yzaura moved to Sacramento and began teaching at the local studios. Eager to add depth to her personal practice and value to her classes, Yzaura continued her education with Janet Stone’s teacher assist program at Yoga Tree in San Francisco, and James Kapicka’s Yin yoga teacher training at ShriKula Yoga in Rocklin. With her background in dance and her training in Vinyasa flow and Yin yoga, Yzaura teaches a class reflective of her journey. In her classes you are likely to laugh, breathe deeply, and feel more connected with who you are.

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